For all of my writing life, I’ve followed the advice of novelist and historian Wallace Stegner who said that every book should try to answer an anguished question. In this spirit, I’ve written a great deal about my homeland, the American West, through the prisms of conflict, cooperation, affection and redemption, though not nearly as well as Stegner did. Alas, over the years the pool of concern has ceaselessly expanded both locally and globally, creating a lush but forlorn dilemma for authors: which anguished question should we tackle next? Take your pick! I chose to explore regenerative, on-the-ground solutions to climate change, including carbon sequestration on farms and ranches, endeavoring to the best of my abilities to explain their hopefulness in constructive ways.This was the subject of my previous blog The Carbon Pilgrim – which I’ve condensed into “The Story of Carbon” see: http://www.awestthatworks.com/2Essays/Carbon_Cycle/The_Story_of_Carbon.pdf

This Moment In Time takes a different approach. I want to leave the anguish behind and concentrate instead on life lived at this extraordinary period of time.




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